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"The Body Positive provides an environment where I can be myself. I can be surrounded by other women of different shapes and sizes and appreciate all of the beauty around me. It is through The Body Positive that I created a network of individuals who like me for who I am and share my desire to change the way the world looks at women's bodies. I have never felt more connected to a community of human beings. Before The Body Positive, I never felt that I was OK when I was alone. But now, through my connection to The Body Positive community, I can stand alone on a mountaintop with my head held high and my hands on my broad hips, and know that The Body Positive is there to catch me if I fall. Because of The Body Positive's work, I will never stop believing in myself and in the idea that all women can overcome society's messages and our own self-inflicted scars. It is time to take back our power and our lives. Today we will not suffer in pain silently; we will fight back and learn to love ourselves. I am dedicated to being happy in my body and urging all women to take a deep breath and start living." ∼Jessica

"Can you imagine if everyone loved the way they looked naturally? And if they loved the way other people looked naturally? It would leave much more room for people to focus on what's important. And what is important is a long list!" ∼Astrid

"The Body Positive's work is important because the body we came into the world with is the only one we get! As you get older you realize that you need to take care of your body since you don't get another one. All we have is the present moment. We could be gone in a minute, a day, a year. But we don't know when, so if we constantly want to be different from what we are, we never get to love what we have right now. Every body grows up, ages and dies. No one gets out of aging and dying. The Body Positive's core competencies teach us to love ourselves just as we are now, not something in the past or the future. The power of loving yourself in the present moment is enormous! The Body Positive teaches us to embrace the now, to enjoy every cell for what it does for us in this moment. It takes the chains off of our thinking. It allows us to love ourselves just the way we are, not for what might be, or were, or never can be. It is the most freeing feeling to just dig where you are and not compare yourself to anyone else!" ∼Lisa

"The Body Positive is a phenomenal program that personally and positively affected my life. Through The Body Positive I established within myself a foundation built on positive self-image and a desire to encourage other young people to strive for self-acceptance." ∼Caelayn

"The Body Positive teaches people to move past shame, self-judgment, and isolation, and into the knowledge that every body is the "perfect body". ∼Andrea>