Love Letters

At our Be Body Positive workshops, participants write love letters to themselves after finishing a series of activities that open them to self-love. The purpose behind this activity is to allow each person to see her body and her whole self from the perspective of a profoundly honoring and attentive lover. The letters are written from a place of confidence and truth, not arrogance or conceit. Many women have been bold enough to read their letters aloud to the group, and have graciously offered to let us share them with you. We encourage you to write your own!

Dear Rebecca,

First I met your belly. Your central solar system that used to rain self-consciousness. Remember when lightening bolts struck any intimate touch? Then deep inhalations carried in warmth and relaxation, soothed your belly like a salve and allowed your flesh to fall into its natural protrusions. Allowed you to devour mangoes, honey and golden beets that nourish and satiate a hunger so wide and so deep. Next I introduced myself to your hips, contemplating how I might grasp them in my palms, such width, roundness, rhythms, gyrations. How can two hands hold so much? I traveled north across the expansive desert of your stomach to the oasis of your breasts. Like water gods I licked and suckled each drop. I dug riverbeds that connected your precious oasis waters to the ocean between your thighs. Sailed around the mountains of your legs, inhaled the fresh air from your flesh. Now I rest between your toes, delectable islands whose cave walls reveal sketches from mountain hikes, bicycle accidents, love lost, roads traveled, shoes worn. Whose native species are one-of-a-kind except for their cousin plants, your fingers that extend like ancient desert palms. They blossom in full green regalia, only to die again only to be born again only to die again. A righteous vitality that dares shake hands with the sun.

The Body Positive

My dearest Jenna,

I enter you through laughter and giggliness to bring you open to the joy that you are. Because when you are open-and I mean really open-your legs spread with a profound trust.

The grace that you embody leaves me humbled.

What I do is then meet you at your neck, with a kiss that is so warm and recognizes that longing in you that says,

YES! I want to be touched. I want to wiggle and squirm and laugh and moan with pleasure!
This is my birth right!

And yes it is your birth right Goddess Jenna, to have the warmest hands hold your soft breasts. To gently rub your tummy and acknowledge the power of those hips.

OH. MY. GOD. Those hips. Which hold your always-so-powerful-knowing-truth. The truth that is you.

The "I-am-the-most-amazing-powerful-fucking-awesome-incredible-human-being" hips.

The hips that say, "Don't you know who I am!?!" These that protect the very softest parts of who you are.


And those soft places are the magical gifts that are inside your beautiful center-a treasure of profound abandon and profound acceptance of WHO YOU ARE.
The Body Positive

Dear _______,
Oh beautiful goddess! Your body sings to me, wakes me in the morning with joy, and softly lulls me to sleep at night. It moves with the vibrations of the Earth and the energy of the Sun and Moon. I have never seen limbs like yours, felt skin like yours, or looked into eyes like yours...coming together to comprise the most beautiful body-singing "beauty!!" in every step, every smile, every heart beat.

The Body Positive

I can feel you coming...and the moment I see you...AHHHHH!!!!!!!!!! The energy of the room explodes and I am drawn in...first to your eyes. They welcome me and do not judge. Deep and warm, they look within me and wrap around my heart. Then to your neck, which elegantly and softly connects to your regal shoulders-holding your head high for the world to enjoy. The soft pink skin leads me to your sweet breasts, dainty handfuls of love with the most tantalizing nipples that beg to be pinched. As I kiss your lips and feel the wetness of your mouth I move my hands down to your soft belly, hips and ridiculous bottom that rock rhythmically against me. My hands explore the beauty of your lower landscape, enjoying the crevices and imperfections they find along the way as you surrender to my touch...but always, always finding my way back to your eyes and mouth. I hold your precious face in my hands and bring my face to yours knowing that I am blessed.

©2011, The Body Positive. The letters on this page may not be reprinted without permission from The Body Positive.