Creative Projects

This section is devoted to putting creative voice to our feelings about our bodies and about the world around us that makes it a challenge every day to love ourselves exactly as we are.

We've created a community where we are free of judgment and comparison. We make the choice daily to love and honor our unique bodies and selves as we fight against the messages that tell us we need to strive at all times to be someone other than we are. One of the most powerful ways we do this is through creative expression. We've created art, videos, and poetry to express our view that beauty is inclusive of everyone; that beauty is love, strength, and compassion and not a static image created by someone who wants to profit off of women's self-loathing.

We will never stop believing in the power of our voice. We are dedicated to expressing our voices in as many creative ways as we possibly can.

What's on your mind? We'd love to hear/see your creative expression about the body. Send poetry, essays, videos, and visual submissions to The Body Positive and we will let you know if they are chosen to appear on our website.

No compensation will be given for artwork submitted to The Body Positive website. No guarantee is given that artwork will be posted on The Body Positive website. By submitting artwork, the artist grants unlimited permission and all rights to The Body Positive to post artwork on the website without additional written permission from the artist.