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In this fast-paced world in which we live, we have a tendency to be impatient and every right to be that way. Think of it. Any information that we would possibly need or want – from a phone number to a rating on a restaurant – is now at our finger tips via the Internet or through smart phones. Banks are now open on the weekends; you can even take your car in for service on a Sunday. Everything has become a lot easier for all of us in this technologically and customer-service friendly new world.
satisfaction_stampThis is also true for web-design. Anyone can now log onto a number of websites that allow you to “Build your own website.” It’s really easy to do. It’s called a “drop and drag build” where you are offered a series of different layouts and within thirty minutes or so you have yourself a website.
approaches web-design from an entirely different outlook. They look at it more as art, a way to express their creativity and passion for creating something from nothing. Unlike the cookie-cutter drop and drag builds as mentioned above, starts with a blank piece a paper. They then start to write one line of code, then another, until their vision starts to take shape.


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