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Hamedl FX

Welcome to the world of Hamedl Fx, where fantasy becomes reality. Hamedl Fx is a professional figure and life size bust painting service. Our work is guaranteed to be the finest quality and our prices are among the most reasonable in the industry. Hamedl Fx has provided commissioned sculpting and finishing services to a variety […]

Marnee Blake, Author

I write action-packed young adult and new adult romance. My debut, ALTERED, a new adult sci-fi romantic thriller, will be published in December 2015 by Entangled Publishing. Its sequel will follow in 2016. Visit Website

Lea Nolan, Young Adult & Romance Author

Lea Nolan is a USA Today bestselling author who writes books for young adults featuring bright heroines, crazy-hot heroes, diabolical plot twists, plus a dose of magic, a draft of romance, and a sprinkle of history. View Website

Summit Builders

South Florida is brimming with myriad luxury home builders, each competing for the same diminishing group of buyers. Unlike many of its competitors who have shuddered in direct correlation to the housing market slump, Summit Builders of South Florida, Inc. has not only maintained its impeccable reputation for quality craftsmanship, but has flourished and grown […]

Neat Stuff

“Neat Stuff” provides free brand new clothing, shoes, accessories, school uniforms, and gifts to meet some of the basic needs of abused, neglected, and other children in distress, allowing them to dress with pride and dignity, inspiring their self worth and hopefully giving them that extra boost to help make their dreams and successes a […]

US1 Fitness Center

U.S.1 Fitness has been in business locally since 1992! We pride ourselves on being a family friendly fitness center and catering to our local residents. We offer a little something for everyone, starting with a wide variety of equipment and full schedule of aerobics classes. We are constantly improving and upgrading our facility for our […]

The Holocaust Documentation & Education Center

The Holocaust Documentation and Education Center (HDEC) was founded in 1980 as a nonsectarian, non-profit, multifaceted organization. The HDEC will feature the South Florida Holocaust Museum (currently in the planning states). The museum will put names and faces to the victims and will raise the sounds of their moral voices of conscience to mute the […]

Applegate Model & Talent

Susan Applegate agency Director began her career with Act One Agency, at the time the premier talent representation in Miami. Over the years she worked for some of the top agencies on South Beach, including Irene Marie Models booking hundreds of commercials, films and print projects. Visit Website

The Center Against Sexual Assault

Sexual assault refers to forcing an unwilling person to engage in or suggest behavior involving the genitals or breasts, typically ranging from grabbing or touching over clothes to forced penetration of the vagina, mouth, or anus. Specific legal jurisdictions and research often use highly technical or detailed definitions of the term. Visit Website

Reformed Bodies Fitness

Reformed Bodies is a private studio based on referrals. Anyone can teach you how to lift weights, count reps, and follow a diet. If that’s all you are looking for, then any fitness trainer will do. But if you want the body you’ve always dreamed of having – if you want to be at your […]

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